Copper Sky by Milana Marsenich

Copper Sky transports the reader to a copper town in the American West. However, this work of fiction by Milana Marsenich is a completely different sort of Western. While it’s full of plenty of action, it’s better classified as psychological fiction with a feminist slant. Kaly and Marika, both strong yet credible young women, experience a mysterious connection made clear by the end of the book. Both strive for better lives, though clearly Marika’s world is more habitable than Kaly’s. No one had it easy in the copper towns during the early years of the twentieth century. Mining accidents had become the norm, and many lives were tragically lost. This compelling narrative is so vividly described that it can easily be imagined as a movie.

Brilliant characterizations and a deeply moving storyline result in Copper Sky being a total page-turner!

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