The Future Bride by J.G. MacLeod

Prepare not only to be transported to a different time and culture, but to be both entertained and enchanted. Bridgid MacDonald is transported from the 21st century back to Medieval Scotland. She finds herself having to choose sides between two rival clans. As she is of Scottish ancestry, the locals at first simply find her to be a ‘bonny lass,’ that is, until they start talking to her. Once the shock has worn off for Bridgid, she begins to enjoy her adventure, especially when she begins to fall for Ferghus.

What I enjoyed most was Bridgid’s modern day feminist stance in dealing with the often brutish and always large male ego of the earlier era. (Not that we ever see this playing out in our own times…) She’s indignant and mostly refuses to play the passive victim. In one of my favorite scenes, Bridgid is practicing a special form of karate (karatedo), and Ferghus accuses her of being a witch and assaults her. After she tries explaining to him that she was exercising, her response is priceless and perfect: “Maybe you’re the devil! Did you ever think of that?”

While Ferghus is stubborn and proud, he’s curious about Bridgid and is attracted to her intelligence and feistiness, as well as to her beauty. He’s often tender with her, despite his brutish exterior, and will go to any length to protect her – and, as it turns out, she’ll do the same for him. Still, women in Scotland at that time were little more than chattel, like livestock or land. It made me glad for the many humorous injections, MacLeod inserts in the storyline.

MacLeod’s deft ability to write in Scottish brogue, as well as occasional phrases in Scottish Gaelic helped to create a credible atmosphere. It enriched the already vibrant, page-turning dialogue. The romance between Bridgid and Ferghus provided delicious escapism. One particularly steamy scene had me fanning myself…Can’t wait to read many more titles by J.G. MacLeod!!

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